He got his silver !!!

Just a little … more recent update of the dinosaur!

We have been following the Kennel Club Good Citizens award. He very quickly sailed through intro and bronze and did the most amazing trial run of the silver a couple of weeks ago.

Lo and behold the great big lump made a spectacle of us all. We dually watched as Archie the Bichon tootled around strutting his stuff so delicately on the end of the lead whilst the nine year old handler put him through his paces …. did I mention we were massively out shined by a NINE year old?!

I feel a slight tugging on the lead and turn to see Atlas lay on his back chewing Ruby the Labradors toy and grunting like a dying hippo, safe to say it went very quickly downhill from there.

Recall – this must mean run off and play with the other dogs first.

Stay – how many positions can one dog manage in two minutes (and lets not forget the incessant high pitched yapping like a Yorkshire terrier)

Heel work – not a major problem you’d have thought, considering this is something we do daily, how wrong you are ! he would have won first place and a gold star if he was auditioning for Zippy the bloody bush kangaroo !! ohh the shame !!

One word … MORTIFIED !!

I think they only gave it to him to avoid me either crying or leaving him there and swapping for Archie the Bichon! He excelled himself, he really did … he was most proud of his efforts to sabotage our Wednesday evening training at the local church hall.

Atlas 1 – mums 0 !!!





3 thoughts on “He got his silver !!!

  1. Firstly Congratulation to Atlas ….for showing you up bless his heart, it’s must take a huge effort to forget EVERYTHING you have ever taught him 🙂
    Secondly EVERY class has a Archie ~ in our last class it was a pup named Charlie, now don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to appear bitter, Charlie was a dream of a dog … OK I am bitter I prayed for the day he came to class and goofed up ….it just never happened LOL
    D4 has just started his Bronze or at least he’s trying ~ it tends to go down hill when at the age of 5 months he takes it upon himself to try and pillage a 2 yr old Lab NOW THAT IS MORTIFYING!! ~ I’m sure she leads him on when my back is turned … I just have to ruddy prove it
    And just so you know I’m not going to be above crying come exam day …. I’ve already been practising


    1. hahaha Atlas was around 5 months old when he took his bronze, he often ended up in time out due to lack of self control and irritating the older dogs that just didn’t get the young bouncing pup that was bigger than them ! All the best for your Bronze test … keep me posted 🙂

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      1. D4 is in time out at this very moment for trying to eat the cat ….. the joys of pet owning never gets old does it LOL
        keep you posted on his bronze training 🙂

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